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Saturday, February 10, 2018

Almost Home

During one of my trips back home to Gloucester, MA I took lots of photos of the harbor some with boats and some without.  Because Gloucester is such a busy place in the summer there always seem to be boats so getting photos without a boat or two or three is rare. 
Gloucester has an interesting harbor because there is an island pretty close to land called Ten Pound Island.   Legend has it the island got it's name because that is how much the settlers paid the local Indians for it or that is how many sheep pens or pounds it could hold.  There has been a Lighthouse on the island since the early 1800's and one of it's claims to fame is that Winslow Homer stayed with the Lighthouse keeper and his family one summer producing about 50 paintings of the harbor. 
I took this photo of some small sailboats racing towards the island.   It was very windy and the boats looked so small heading towards those big rocks but yet it did not seem dangerous.  I could not help painting this photo in a whimsical way.
On the bottom right of the photo is the Lighthouse.

Almost Home


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