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Monday, June 13, 2011

The Great Southern White Butterfly

My good friend Vincent Lamb is a wonderful nature photographer and I am a proud owner of a number of his fine photographs of Florida flora and fauna. When I saw his photograph of this composition, I knew that I wanted to paint it. Vince was kind enough to give me his permission. His photograph of the Great Southern White Butterfly was his favorite photograph for 2010. I love the way he has softened the background elements and focused on the wild aster and butterfly in the foreground. This painting is done in acrylics and is 30"x40". It was a long time in the making as I paint slowly and am not one who paints on the same thing everyday. Often I will have several things going at once. I really do like this painting and hope that Vince would be proud of what I have done from his wonderful photograph. Thank you Vince for sharing so graciously.

Phillis Holland


  1. Phillis, this is fabulous! That butterfly is alive. You did a beautiful job.

  2. This is awesome.
    Anonymous aka Carol Blackburn

  3. love it...beautiful job of focus and softness.

  4. Phillis, Gorgeous! A stunning example of your talents. I am sure Vincent will be quite happy with this interpretation of his work. Bravo!