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Friday, July 20, 2018

Sweet Orange Blossoms, 8x10 Oil on Canvas, Fruit Painting by Carmen Beecher

Have you ever walked through an orange grove when the trees are in bloom? It is the sweetest smell, rivaling any flower known for having a perfumed aroma. Nowadays I see the groves giving in to condos and housing developments, and it's a shame, because trees and fruit are much healthier than concrete block and pavement. I remember walking through orange groves as a kid and running into these fancy-looking spiders hanging between trees in their webs. It's a Spiney Orb Weaver spider, and it looks worse than it is.

Monday, July 9, 2018

A Painting Workshop to Remember

Today, I am repeating a post, from a few years ago.  I think it is worthy of your attention, again.  Enjoy!

A few weeks ago, my friends Carmen and Donna and I drove to Fernandina Beach, FL to attend a 4 day workshop with Elio Camacho.   Elio is one of my favorite painters and my very favorite instructor and I have been lucky enough to attend with workshops twice a year for the past three years.

 I started each day with this beautiful sunrise over the ocean, while eating breakfast at the hotel.

 This is one of Elio's 36x48" demos that he paints in just three hours!

Here Elio met a challenge to paint without darks.  He often states a painting should bring it's own light.  I think this one meets that requirement

 Another of his larger than life paintings.

This was a 25 minute demo he did for us on foam core.  He pushed the color even more than usual and got wild and crazy.

His brushwork is very exciting...something I am hoping to bring to my work.

Elio spent a year painting blue studies, then moved on and studied yellows and reds.  He likes to set up still life, to challenge his students, all in a single color.  He believes red is the most difficult color to paint.  If you can do a red painting, you can really see color.  This was a 20 minute demo he did for us.

We hated to leave the workshop after 3.5 intense and fun days.  To console ourselves, we had a final lunch of fried shrimp at our favorite eatery.

A final photo of Carmen and Donna, de-stressing with  ice cream in front of Island Art Association.  We thank the members for hosting us once again.  Then we hop into our car for the drive home.

One last classic Elio demo that he painted in about 15 minutes, out of his head.  I almost cried when he scrapped it off the next morning.

Needless to say, we are excited to return for his next Florida workshop in the spring.  You can find his workshop schedule here.

Carol Schiff

Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Colorado Landscape, Small Oil Painting, Daily Painting, Mountain Painting, Flower Painting

I am in to mountains these days.  I am, after all , surrounded by them since my move to NC.

Purchase here

 These mountains, however are in Colorado.....the famous Rockies.

This is a 9x12 oil on canvas panel.

Hope everyone had a wonderful 4th!

Carol Schiff

Monday, July 2, 2018

Flower Painting, Daisy Painting, Small Oil Painting, Daily Painting, Palette Knife Painting, 12x12x1.5" Original Oil

This is another painting from Savannah's Lafayette Square.  Surrounding the beautiful fountain, in the park, were a bed a daisies.

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I decided to paint with a palette knife, to best describe the tangle of greenery.  

I wanted a lively painting, that would give the feeling of the blooms.   I always think of daisies, as cheerful, so I started by painting the ground with cad red.......lots of contrast!

Carol Schiff

Saturday, June 30, 2018

June Challenge, a Modern Take on a Famous Old Image

The challenge for June was to do a modern version of a well-known old artwork. I chose Mona Lisa.

Mona the Millennial

The one thing I always noticed about Mona Lisa besides her smile is the fact that she has no eyebrows. In reading the book about Leonardo da Vinci, I learned that she once had eyebrows, but they went away, possibly in a bungled cleaning of the painting. I decided to make her a modern woman with mascara, lipstick, and eyebrows. Even though she's taking a selfie, she isn't making that pouty-pucker-kissy face the young girls do on Facebook.


o.k. so I have a fascination with tattoos.  I don't want one but I am amazed at the amount of body art that people have now.  They have so many things tattooed on them with so many meanings.  Tattoos used to be for sailors and bad boys.  When people expressed themselves they did it through clothes, cloth, and uniforms.
This Matisse portrait "The Rumanian Blouse" brought up so many questions to me.  Is national identity gone and personal identity in?  Is it because so many clothes are mass produced people want something to speak for them?  If Matisse were painting today his portrait may be titled "Rumanian nude with tattoos",



The painting I have chosen to make MORE modern is a classic that is not so old. And I have used it before because it is one of my favorites. This time I wanted to try doing a copy that used geometric forms. It really is not as abstract as I thought I would make it originally. So, back to the drawing board. I did a mixed-media with fabric, paper and paint. The medium changed the color of the fabric, so the colors are not as fresh looking as I had hoped. I will definitely have to "squint, squint, squint" as Donna would say and try to do a truly abstract painting that captures the colors in the center of the flower better. But that will be for later.

My collage

Georgia O'Keefe
Sunflower, New Mexico I, 1935

Fay Picardi

Vitruvian Man

Leonardo DaVinci 


Vitruvian Man

Homer Simpson


My apologies to Leonardo

Carol Schiff

Kathy Garvey
I was away for all of June without access to my paints and supplies but I had planned to do a remake of either Whistler's Mother or Grant Wood's famous couple in American Gothic.

Whistler's Mother, or as titled by him...
Arrangement in Grey and Black No.1
Whistlers Mother high res.jpg
ArtistJames McNeill Whistler
MediumOil on canvas
Dimensions144.3 cm × 162.4 cm (56.8 in × 63.9 in)
LocationMusée d'OrsayParis
I managed to create a last minute version of Whistler's Mother using Illustrator and Photoshop. It doesn't do his masterpiece justice, but she is updated enough to have moved out of her rocking chair and replaced the classic wall sketch with the modern requisite "family rules." She represents the modern "Mom" in her leisure wear, clunky jewelry, and bare feet as she checks out her Ipad. 

And while I didn't manage to create an updated Grant Wood, I wanted to share what my sister Liz Printz painted on a rock (of all things) with Grant Wood's masterpiece. I got such a kick out of it,  and it was a coincidence that it was so in tune with our challenge this month! I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. Thanks, Liz!

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Daily Paintings, Small Oil Paintings, Animal and Bird Paintings

I was looking at some of my images and was really surprised to see how many bird and animal paintings I have done.  I thought today would be a good day to post a few of my old time favorites.

Great Blue Heron
250 + shipping

Just Ducky
99 + shipping



It is always interesting and educational to review the painting journey that you have been on.  I like to line up older paintings, chronologically, which helps me to see the improvements I have made and the ones I would like to make in the future.  Always an interesting exercise.

Have a painterly day and thanks for visiting!


Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Cardinal, Original Oil on Panel, Bird Painting

I don't have a thing to say about this painting, except that I squeezed this in while busy with a lot of other exciting things. I finished a huge illustration job, then published my children's book, Dibble the Dragon. Now I am working on illustrations for someone else's children's book. I'm also spending time traveling, gardening and studying Italian. Life is good. La Dolce Vita!