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Sunday, November 18, 2018

November Seascape, Small Oil Painting, Daily Painting, 5x7" Oil on panel

We are back in Florida, to spend the holidays with our family.  It is so wonderful to be back on the coast.

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 Smelling the salt air, hearing rhythmic sound of the waves and screeching sea gulls.  Life is good when you have sand between your toes!

What can be more soothing than the waves rushing to shore?

I have to admit, I don't have the courage to paint on the beach.  This piece was done using a photo I took, during my morning walk.

Have a beachy day!

Carol Schiff

Friday, November 16, 2018

Blue Teapot

Well I did it again.  I thought I was over my teapot mania but I guess not.  What is it about that round, plump little shape that so intrigues me?  I know that teapots come in all shapes and sizes but the cubby little round ones are my favorite. 
I painted this little 5x7 for a group challenge where we could use only red, blue yellow and white.  I used a beautiful mixture of all those colors to make the background, that was the challenge.
Donna Vines

Blue Teapot


Friday, November 9, 2018

Daisy, Daisy

I think of all of the paintings I have done of flowers this is one of my favorites.  This 5x7 oil was painted from a photo that a fellow artist took for a challenge we did.  The challenge was to take turns picking a photo and each do our interpretation of that photo.  It is always fun to see how different each person sees something and the creation that comes from that vision.
At first I tried to be realistic in my painting but it just didn't seem right.  I wanted to be looser and freer, just like the flower was.



Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Tropical Landscape Painting, Daily Painting, Florida Painting, "Conchy Joe's" by Carol Schiff, 16x20" Oil

Everybody loves tropical landscape, especially me!  This painting is from a few years back and depicts a much beloved part of our community.  "Conchy Joe's" was a seafood eatery located on the banks of the intracoastal waterway.

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The original has sold, but I am pleased to be able to offer a giclee print at the link under the image.

The eatery is still there, but under a new name and for me, much of the charm has been lost.  I am glad I painted this scene, while it was a popular and vibrant location, filled with local memorabilia.

This painting was featured as the Art Works poster art several years ago.

Thank you for viewing my blog today.


Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Challenge for October: Painting with a limited palette

Our challenge this month, is to paint using only the colors red, blue, yellow and white.

I love color, especially all the luscious paint colors available, so this was rather confining for me.  To make it even a little more difficult, I chose to paint a scene without much color of any type.

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I was pleasantly surprised by the beautifully harmonious results.  The color, in this piece is very subtle, but none the less, I enjoy it!

Jonathan Livingston Seagull lives on!

I will be trying this technique again!
Carol Schiff

This was a really fun challenge.  Limiting your colors is a great exercise because it forces you to mix colors and experiment.  I did 2 paintings.  My Teapot is using most of the colors just as they are, only the background is a mix I wouldn't have normally tried.  The Laundry painting has lots and lots of greens in it, this was the challenge.  If you really look at the greens you see lots of yellow, reds and blues.




by Kathy Garvey
This was a good time for me to do a limited palette painting because after 50 years of using the same John Pike Palette and paints almost as old, I finally bought a new John Pike. I'm about to order all new watercolors from Ralph's Art Supply, but in the meantime I fished out my newest yellow, blue and red and added them to my brand new palette. The colors I used were Carr Yellow, Quinacridone Red and Joe's Blue.  The setup and start are shown in the image below. (Click to enlarge.)
I've just come back from three weeks in Virginia with a slew of oak leaf drawings and decided to paint a few of them for this challenge. I love the wide variety of shapes in oak leaves.

I painted the main leaf using mixes of all three colors on and off the palette. But for the three other leaves, I only painted with the primary color directly onto the paper. I stuck to blue and yellow for one, red and yellow for another and blue and red for another. Later I added the remaining color directly to the paper to make some shadows (or highlights in the case of the blue and red leaf).

Here's the end result. Chaotic, but colorful...just like Fall!

Carmen Beecher

This was a real challenge because of the greens. Greens can be difficult enough without limiting the palette. Those bulb-looking things look like water hyacinths, which are very invasive, so I'm hoping they are something more friendly.

Watercolor Sketch
by Jean Thomas

The goal here was to make believable facial tones using only three colors. My choices
were alizarin crimson, pthalo blue and burnt sienna. You can get tonal depth with a limited palette. A limited palette in watercolor can help keep your colors from getting muddy. The other secret is to layer on the color, waiting until each layer is dry before adding another. 


And Now for a Totally Different Take on This Challenge

I have never been a particular fan of pointillism. This technique has always seemed to me just that: Multicolored little points or dots. However, there are a few paintings from the period which seem to me to have captured the spirit. One of those is Grand Canal (Venice) by Paul Signac. 

Nope. Didn't choose anything that grand. Decided to go with a simple, yet perfectly designed cup. Made it easy by choosing the one with the required colors. So here she is. (I forget. Is a cup masculine or feminine? Yep, she's definitely feminine. At least in French. Une tasse.) 

My Chosen Cup ... And My Dots: Une Tasse by Fay Picardi


challenge for October

                                                  This little watercolor painting of  Koi was
               done in three colors, pryrol red, lemon yellow and cobalt blue, as the challenge
               asked for three primary colors, plus white.  As a watercolorist, the white is the
                                                   Mary Warnick


Sunday, October 28, 2018

Mountain Farm

Now for something a little different.  I really do love all kinds of art and all kinds of paintings on all kinds of mediums.  I especially like paintings that look different.  They are usually of ordinary things but just a little off because of the what materials are used or what they are painted on.
I wanted to do a farm scene but I wanted it to look muted and use almost dull colors.  I think I did that with this 9x12 oil but as you see I had to put a touch of some color in there!!
This is a farm nestled in a "holla" ? in North Carolina.

Mountain Farm

I couldn't help it!!!