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Monday, February 19, 2018

Watercolor Painting, "Terns," 5x7 in 8x10 mat, bird painting

On rare occasions I do watercolors, usually in my journal. However, this is a little daily painting of some cute terns I saw on the beach, and I really enjoyed doing it in watercolor. The problem for me is knowing when to stop, so I stopped before I was ready and I like the result.


Saturday, February 17, 2018

Block by Block

 I love taking photos of buildings of all kinds, especially older ones with lots of angles, interesting rooflines, in different stages of upkeep and repair.  So, I was intrigued by this old church in an old Florida neighborhood.  It looked like several buildings were put down and then attached to each other.  I couldn't help think of a child's set of wooden blocks. 
 I have a hard time translating all the wonderful nooks, crannies and lived in character that I see in buildings onto my canvas.   I usually paint farm houses, out buildings, sheds, or barns that are not the main focus of the painting.  I decided to just paint the wonderful shapes and see what happened.
The church was all white but I liked the idea of having each section a different color just to see what kind of vibe it would give off.
The result isn't to everyone's taste but I am happy.

Block by Block

Friday, February 16, 2018

Raffle Winner

This very lovely lady name Jane won our basket full of art at our recent sale. Congratulations, Jane!
Thank you to everyone who came out to support us. And thank you to River Run Christian Church for the use of their beautiful lobby for our event.

Saturday, February 10, 2018

Almost Home

During one of my trips back home to Gloucester, MA I took lots of photos of the harbor some with boats and some without.  Because Gloucester is such a busy place in the summer there always seem to be boats so getting photos without a boat or two or three is rare. 
Gloucester has an interesting harbor because there is an island pretty close to land called Ten Pound Island.   Legend has it the island got it's name because that is how much the settlers paid the local Indians for it or that is how many sheep pens or pounds it could hold.  There has been a Lighthouse on the island since the early 1800's and one of it's claims to fame is that Winslow Homer stayed with the Lighthouse keeper and his family one summer producing about 50 paintings of the harbor. 
I took this photo of some small sailboats racing towards the island.   It was very windy and the boats looked so small heading towards those big rocks but yet it did not seem dangerous.  I could not help painting this photo in a whimsical way.
On the bottom right of the photo is the Lighthouse.

Almost Home


Thursday, February 8, 2018

Art Sale Saturday, Feb 10, 9-4

We will have a free raffle for a gift basket full of artsy items. We also will have oil paintings, watercolors, clay art, fabric art, pine needle baskets and smiling faces! Come on down!

Saturday, February 3, 2018

Bye Bye LIonfish

Do you have a piece you have done that you really love.  Something that is somehow a little special, maybe even so special you hope no one buys it?  And, if no one buys it for long enough you can keep it? 
My little collage Lionfish was just like that.  I don't know what it was but I just loved it.  I loved planning it, creating it, looking at it, showing it off and having it in the house.  I was very sad to see it go and I may have not let it go if a special person hadn't asked to buy it.  So, even though I did not want to sell it I did part with it as a gift because I knew the person who wanted it loved it as much as I did.  Besides he is residing in The Keys!!



Wednesday, January 31, 2018


Our January Challenge "Abstraction" entries from Cindy, Donna, Carmen, Carol, Jean, Kathy, Mary, Denette and Fay are below. Such a variety of expression...read all about it! (Click on any image to enlarge it.)

ABSTRACTION is really a complicated art form...practically you have to know how to draw and compose a realistic piece before you can successfully de-construct it into an abstract form.  The years of hearing folks declare "my five year old could paint that" lead me to believe it was a matter of slinging paint Jackson Pollack-style.  Not so fast....!  I've never taken the time to study the process carefully but now and then I "dabble" in abstraction as a way to learn more about what does NOT work.  Lately I have been playing with abstraction in tones of white.  Here's a small sampling of what I had come up with:

Cindy Michaud
contact me at: art@cindymichaud.com

eh? not bad...but then again....I'll keep trying!  I do think this is a more difficult genre than most folks think.

Abstract Art is much harder than it looks and appeals to different people for different reasons.  I really love abstraction for it's use of color.  Sometimes as an artist and as an art lover I just want to see color.  Color can be very powerful, color evokes lots of emotion, lots of memories so it can represent anything to the person looking at it. 
This painting is an abstract interpretation of a marsh scene using just color.  The real joy of abstract is it can be one thing to the artist and quite another to the onlooker. 

The Marsh

 Donna Vines


Greenleaf, 4"x4.5 "
This is my favorite abstract I've ever done. It is poured acrylic on wood, and it's tiny and shiny.

Carmen Beecher


Point of View
Oil on Panel

I like the color, composition, and texture in this piece.

Carol Schiff


The challenge of abstraction got me thinking about all of the ways we are pulled by electronic media. I have a love/no love relationship with digital media. For example, I love the Adobe programs and admire that they were developed by human beings and creative thinkers. Illustrator is my favorite. I created the artwork above using it. This was an exercise in repetition, pattern and rhythm. Also, it represents how you can get overwhelmed by all the parts if you open the box. Enjoy!

 Jean Thomas


I enjoy an occasional abstraction! Some people say all my designs are abstract since I don't ever paint anything in a realistic manner. But, to me, an abstract has no easily identifiable representation and is open to anyone's interpretation. The above was created in Illustrator and then taken into Photoshop. I call it "Signals from Another Planet" but you might see something else.

Kathy Garvey

Several years ago I took a watercolor workshop with John Salminen. I thought it would include his wonderful street scenes, but it was all about abstract. It was fascinating and involved. Later I played with simplifying his methods, but always remembering his advice. This is a fairly recent painting I call "Warm Abstract."

Mary Warnick
This is as close as I get to abstraction! Red by Denette Schweikert

I am so impressed by the creativity of my colleagues in this challenge that I hesitate to post my own. In the collage below, I am following up on my November value study of the Appalachian Mountains.  As you can see, this one uses geometric shapes to represent the mountains. You will have to use your imagination to make these mountains recede into the distance. The colors are not just right, but the papers were at the ready. In any case, it is fun seeing how my sketch translates into triangles, etc. 

Fay Picardi