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Thursday, August 17, 2017

Palette Knife Art, "A Thistle Day" by Carol Schiff, 8x10" Oil ,SOLD

Who said weeds are not pretty???  I found these thistles on top of Grandfather Mountain outside of Boone, NC last month.

Purchase here
Their delicate color and beautiful form was all it took for me to know I had to paint them.  However, it was 50ish, 30 MPH winds and in a very inconvenient spot, so no painting took place at that time.

Fortunately, I had my trusty traveling companion, my camera, hung around my neck and was able to capture this image.

I think that one of the most wonderful things about being an artist is that it has given me the ability to see beauty in unexpected places.   I am so thankful for that gift.


Saturday, August 12, 2017

Seascapes and Hawii Five O, Seascape Oil Painting, Ocean Painting

Over the years, I have painted many seascapes, both impressionistic and abstract.  It is part of my environment, living on the coast of Florida, and sometimes seascapes showed up almost without my intention.

On the beach

 The paintings always sold very well and I have featured a few of them as giclee prints.  Can you image my escitement when two of my prints were sold for set design on the CBS show "Hawaii Five O?

A Call From Mother

Yes, it's true!  I still can not believe it! This was one of my favorite shows in the 70's and I love the currant version too.  I will be checking out every episode in the upcoming season, trying to get a quick glimpse of my art.  Unfortunately, I have no information about when this will happen.

The good news is, you can own them too.  Both prints are available in the sizes of your choice at the links below the images.

Book em, Dan-o!

Carol Schiff

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Home From Vietnam, 9x12 Graphite Drawing, Portrait

This was absolutely a labor of love. Our dear friend Ben was terminally ill, and his daughter Debbie posted this photo from her childhood, taken when he had just returned from Vietnam. I loved everything about the photo and just had to draw it for her. The week I finished, Ben left us. I'm so glad I could portray this happy moment in the life of this wonderful man.


Monday, August 7, 2017

Small Floral Still Life. Daily Painting, Small Oil Painting, Flower Painting, 9x12x.75" Oil

Still playing catch up!  In retrospect, it was probably not a good idea to be out of state three months, attend a 4 day workshop and accept almost 20 commissions just weeks before the holidays.

So although I was painting every day, I struggled to find new works that I could show on my blog at that time.

I did manage to do this one:

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185 + shipping
 I really enjoyed painting something that I wanted to paint, and I think it shows.  Free and easy strokes and a touch of whimsy.

Time to take a deep breath and decide just what is important and what it not.

Thanks for reading my blog today.


Saturday, August 5, 2017

Wallace Nutting

Most people don't know who Wallace Nutting is.  Unless you are exposed to his photographs or love historical furniture his name is not well known.  I came across his unique art form when I was thumbing through a box of old photographs and postcards. They were quite old, before the era of color photography yet they were so colorful, they almost looked otherworldly.  Most were just blank but a few had the signature Wallace Nutting on them. After doing a little research I discovered that he was a pioneer of hand colored photography.
He was a minister who retired in his early 40's because of ill health.  He had two hobbies, photography and bicycling.  He combined the two, taking many photographs of the New England countryside.  He hand colored them to make them more interesting using oil paints, solvents, small brushes and solvents.  They became so popular at his peak he had 200 "colorists" working for him.
I used his method to do some hand colored photos on my own.  It is a long time consuming process but the end result can be really special.
This is one of my favorites.  If you zoom in you can see where the color is applied.
Below is Sunset in Rockport NFS and Pretty Things, which is a necklace and shells.

Pretty Things


Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Abstract Giclee Print, Acrylic Abstract Pour Painting, Daily Painting, Small Abstract Painting

A few years ago, I experimented with poured acrylic painting.  I tried it for a few weeks, and then put it aside.  Recently, I have found a renewed interest in this work.

order print here

The past few weeks, I have been doing a lot of research, and I began to get a renewed interest in this form of art. 

After several tries, I have come up with a few that meet my standards.  It is almost impossible to do this without making a huge mess on the back, so at the moment, I am offering them only as giclee prints.

This is one of my favorites.  The process includes paints, mediums and a pretty precise recipe, and sometimes fire!  The fascination is that there is not much control over the process and you never know what you will end up with.  It is also impossible to duplicate a piece.  You can do two in exactly the same way and get very different pieces.

Thanks for viewing my blog today.

Carol Schiff

Monday, July 31, 2017

PO8 Painting Challenge #4 "I Wish I Could"

Oh, I wish I could................

"Oh, I wish I could kayak every day..."

The truth is that anything we have to do everyday soon gets old, but I have this huge painting of my kayak on the river hanging over my "desk" in the studio.  It reminds me of being out with the river splashing over the boat and the wind in my face....so, in a way I DO kayak every day.

                                                       Cindy Michaud, www.cindymichaud.com

I wish I could fly! (So true!)

Poster/card with poem by Kathy Garvey


I wish I could visit with my mother,
have a little chat,
give her a kiss goodbye

Carol Schiff


I wish I could live in this little house all the time.  The weather would be perfect not too hot or cold. The water would always be just beyond the marsh, calm, blue and inviting.  There would be no distractions just a hammock, rocking chair and easel on the porch. There would always be a cool breeze and best of all no bugs!!

Red House


I Wish I Could Play Softball Again
Some of the most fun I've ever had (and good exercise) was playing intramural softball with other military wives in Bermuda and the Azores. The camaraderie was wonderful, and oh, the excitement when we over-30s beat the high school girls! Sometimes it was mother against daughter. The best exercise is that which involves chasing a ball of some kind.


"Oh, I wish I could go for a walk on the beach."
Watercolor  71/2" x 11"

I just finished this little watercolor of a simple wave at the beach. Honestly though, I recently took my dog to the little stretch of beach where they are welcome. She had fun chasing the waves, but when it was time to go, it was not so fun. Sand, and more sand, wet, hairy dog... everywhere! Sand sticking to everything that was transferred to the car! It was 95* in the car, too. Hot, wet, sticky, and sandy! 
I envy (just a little) the folks who can step out of their beachfront condo and just walk a bit, to enjoy the waves, the little sand pipers and the occasional find on the sand... a gift from nature.  Then they rinse off and return to their cool abodes. Simple! 

Jeanie Thomas   ozworks22@cfl.rr.com

                                                  Umbrella Pine        6x8 Collage       Fay Picardi

I wish I could sit on the balcony of La Villa Terrazza and scanning the Bay of Naples from the cliffs of Sorrento, to Mt. Vesuvius, to Baia, the summer home of the Caesars, to Capri. My favorite view in the world, especially when framed by an Umbrella Pine, or pinus penea, dating from the Etruscans, known as the symbol of Italian trees and now endangered. Go to www.cameraetrusca.com for more. 

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Small Abstract Painting, Daily Painting, Small Oil Painting, Summer Dance Painting

I came back from a walk in the Blue Ridge Mountains, inspired by the bright summer colors.  Flowers were evident around every turn.

purchase here

I love abstract, but find them very difficult.  I have to have a starting point, some type of inspiration, some plan of composition.  Often I end of scraping off hours of work.

This is one of the few that appeals to me.  I felt good about it and still think it conveys the emotions I was feeling at the time.  I mark this one as a success for me.

Thanks for reading my blog today.

Carol Schiff


Sunday, July 23, 2017

Sunrise on the Dunes, 6x8 Oil on Canvas Panel, Seascape by Carmen Beecher

Florida sunrises are amazing, and seem even more so during thunderstorm season. We get all sorts of weather phenomena this time of year, and the rain is a welcome relief from the awful heat. Our pool was 90 degrees the other day, but after the rains it is 80 degrees. A big difference!


Saturday, July 22, 2017


I did this 10x10 found objects collage because of a wonderful course I took with Carol Nelson.  Not only is Carol a talented painter but also a great teacher and experimenter.  She is fearless in her quest to express herself.
This is not an example of her art so much as an expression of what I like using techniques she taught us.  Please visit her website and see her amazing work.



Monday, July 17, 2017

Rustic Barn Landscape Painting, Rural Landscape, Daily Painting, Small Oil Painting, 9x12x.75" Palette Knife Painting

Last month, my friends and I went on a photo shoot in the Blue Ridge Mountains.  We rode the country roads, looking for scenic farms.

Purchase here 
 I couldn't resist this old ragged barn, on it's last legs.  I painted with a palette knife hoping to bring the scene to life.

It was a hot September day and the grasses had turned a golden brown.

How nice to be an artist.  I truly believe we train our eyes to see so much beauty, that often goes unnoticed in  daily life.  What a blessing we have!

Thanks for reading my blog today.....and stop to smell the roses.

Carol Schiff

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Red Pail

This 8x10 oil is of a little girl playing on the beach enjoying a sunny summer day in a more mellow way. You don't have to surf, swim, play volley ball or Frisbee to enjoy the beach.  Sitting by the water or in the water is a great way to cool off , enjoy the ocean and have a great time.

Red Pail


Thursday, July 13, 2017

Caricature of Lamar, 8x10 Pastel

This is another blast from the past, a caricature of Lamar Walker, my friend and coworker at the Air Force Photo Lab in the 80s at Patrick Air Force Base. I really got into caricatures for a while, but I eventually got over it. This was a farewell gift when Lamar was transferred to another base.


Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Mountain Landscape Painting, Daily Painting, Small Oil Painting, 6x8" Original Oil

We spend our summers in the Smoky Mountains, trying to escape the heat and humidity of Florida.  The mountain views are impossible to ignore.

Purchase here

When I finish a new little painting, I like to prop it up on the fireplace mantel, where I can see it and live with it for a few days.  If it passes that test, it goes on Etsy.

Carol Schiff

Saturday, July 8, 2017

Abstract II

Part of the joy of art is trying new things.  Art is one of the few things that wants you to stray from the norm, get out of your "comfort zone" so to speak.  If you have seen my Etsy shop or blog before you know my comfort zone is landscapes, I really love them. There is something so comforting to me about large areas of color.  One blending into another. But, you will also note I have lots of other kinds of paintings and even different kinds of art on my site.
This is a 5x7 oil  abstract of a seascape seen in a different way.  It also uses large areas of color but only suggest what they may be.  I really had fun with this.  I like imagining different scenes each time I look at it.
I did a larger one first and used some of the suggestions from followers on this smaller one.

Abstract II


Friday, July 7, 2017

Abstract Landscape | Daily Painting | Small Oil Painting | Seeing Better Days by Carol Schiff | 6x8 Oil

This abstract landscape of an isolated structure in blazing sunlight is a memory of the days I lived in Louisiana and Texas.  Often we would find these abandoned structures awaiting a new life.

purchase here
115 + shipping
 But it could also be from the countryside of Arizona or even North Dakota, where the weather is very rugged.  Can you tell I moved a lot in my life?  Yes, I spent years and years following my Air Force husband from location to location.  We are so happy to have spread our roots in Florida and North Carolina.

I have to be in the mood to paint with a palette knife, but when I am.....it is really fun (and in my case messy).  Most of my favorite artwork (by me) has a least, some areas of knife work.  I really love the texture which I feel brings a whole new dimension to the piece.

Thanks so much for viewing my abstract landscape today.  I hope you will pin it!


Sunday, July 2, 2017

Wildlife Painting | Blue Heron Art | Small Oil Painting | Daily Painting | Flight by Carol Schiff | 6x18x1.5 Oil SOLD

I was standing on the dock with my camera when this gorgeous Great Blue Heron flew towards me and landed on the railing nearby.  My lucky day!  I snapped several photos of this beautiful specimen and have painted him twice.

I was thrilled to get a photograph of him flying, something that usually doesn't work out for me.

I used my palette knife to obtain the texture of the water.

Purchase here
250. + shipping
You may remember seeing this first painting a short time ago.

I don't think this bird was friendly so much......just determined.  Behind me on the dock were several fishermen and he was hoping for an effortless meal.

Thanks for reading my blog today.


Summer Fun in Florida, 5x7" Oil

This is a little 5x7 oil of my granddaughter Stephanie for our July challenge, Summer Fun.  She was visiting from Massachusetts and wanted to learn to surf.  We went up to Ron Jon's in Cocoa and she took a few lessons and had a great time.  I always loved this photo even though it didn't show her face.  You could tell from her stance, the water swirling around her and her determination she was really into it.
What could say summer more in Florida than riding the waves.  Even though it is very hot here in the summer the beaches make it cool in a different way. 

5x7" Oil

Donna Vines

Friday, June 30, 2017

Pieces of Eight Painting Challenge #3 "Summer Celebration"

How do you celebrate summer?  Traveling?  Hamburger/Hot dog grilled dinners?  Fireworks?  A day at the beach?


Nothing says summer in Florida like surfing.  As hot as it gets you can still be pretty "cool" riding the waves.  This is my granddaughter Stephie learning to surf several years ago.

5x7 Oil
Donna Vines


For me, nothing says summer like a nice dip in the pool! Ready, set, go!

"Ready for Summer"
Digital Image (Illustrator to Photoshop)
Kathy Garvey

Carol Schiff

"Mountain View"

In the summer, we head for the mountains, in an effort to escape the heat and humidity of Florida.  10 hours on I-95 and we exit to a different world.  Cool breezes and beauty abound.

6x8" Oil on Panel


Carmen Beecher
11x14 Collage on Panel

Purchase on Etsy

 This is my idea of summer, cooling off with two of my favorite things. I had not done a collage in a long time, so I really enjoyed doing this. Thanks to Fay Picardi for the magazine pages with those beautiful pinks. This is made entirely of torn magazines. 

Wild at Heart
oil, 7 x 5, $150
by Cindy Michaud - art@cindymichaud.com

Summer is all about being outdoors and finding wonderful surprises in the woods...like daisies that seem to pop up on their own.  This is where I'd open my picnic and rest a while; remembering how it felt when the days were long and we were children...wild at heart.

  After Georgia O'Keefe's
 Sunflower, New Mexico I, 1935
Fay Picardi

         In the past, I have done several paintings copying Georgia O'Keefe's sunflowers. This one brings back one of my favorite memories. I did it in a small cottage overlooking Lake Champlain where John and I were spending a month one summer. It is an acrylic painting done on watercolor paper. It is 22"x 30." Every time I look at it, I just smile. Thank you. Georgia. Next time, I will try a collage.

"Blue Pearl"
Oil on Canvas, 30" x 40"
by Jean Thomas

Nothing says summertime like being out in the boat on a gorgeous day, in the Keys.
I took some friends out off Marvin Key on a day when you couldn't tell the water from the sky. It was just that pretty, and calm. This is my friend Ann. Ann is always looking up, and ahead. The beginning of summer has that same feeling.... what's up, what's next!? 

Summer is a time to celebrate the ocean and sailing.  Wouldn't it be fun to be on a clipper ship sailing the seven seas?

  Mary Warnick.

Clipper Ship

Wednesday, June 28, 2017


Moroccan Mint Tea

It didn't take long  to fully embrace the custom
of Moroccan mint tea while traveling.  Served in a metal tea pot
and drunk consistently in glasses, it was offered everywhere:
during sales of goods, after dinner, mid-morning and late
afternoon.  It was almost too sweet for my palate
but always served with sweeping arm motions (which made 
the pour long and arcing) that always made it
into a visual ritual of celebration.

I began to call this painting a jig saw puzzle

I would find myself lost in the color blocks, duplicating shapes without regard to
what they were....it became a very zen painting experience, slow and methodical

the strain was not to rush into the "fun" highlights too soon,
nor give in to the urge to use the real "gold" paint too early.

Moroccan Mint, 12 x 12, oil on board
black frame, SOLD

Zen Fully Yours,
Cindy Michaud
p.s. just for fun, see if you can find at least 3 people in this piece, any luck?