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Thursday, April 23, 2015

The Scribble Challenge with Mary Warnick and Carmen Beecher

Mary's Scribble Challenge

Today the Pieces of Eight became the Pieces of Two. People had other places to be, so Mary got to challenge me with her exercise she called "Scribbles." It begins by making a loose and large scribble on a blank sheet, then figuring out what nonsensical painting can be made of it. 

Mary's painting is above, and I really enjoy the alligator that apparently has dentures. Mary didn't want him to have sharp teeth and possibly frighten children.

When I looked at my scribble I saw a bird and two people. I painted it with watercolors and threw in some Zentangle shapes. It was a very relaxing exercise. There is no erasing and no going back, so you just literally go with the flow. The woman looks like she went to Marge Simpson's hairdresser.


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  1. Both of these are really cool! I'd tell Mary that children SHOULD be afraid of alligators! Now I think I will try this tonight. Enjoyed the post.