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Monday, April 20, 2015

New Rosie, 12x9 Watercolor Painting by Carmen Beecher


This painting was part of a series of working people done for a pipefitters union. This one was my favorite. She reminds me of Rosie the Riveter, as she does what is traditionally a man's job.

I am so impressed that she makes a few fashion statements in spite of having to wear ugly overalls and those white gloves that are not going to be seen at any tea party. She has a hairdo, hair ribbon, and earrings. She also has a career with an excellent pension, a rarity these days. Don't bother to badmouth unions to her.

Speaking of women in men's jobs, did you know that over 400 women fought in the Civil War, disguised as men? Some were discovered when wounded, others when their bodies were recovered after battle. Discovered women would usually be sent home, although a few were imprisoned or institutionalized.

It was also illegal for them to vote--and now a woman is running for President. The times, they are a-changin.'


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