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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Sealight, 20x10 Oil on Canvas

I originally thought I'd get two paintings out of one wave, because I was using square canvases. I painted the one on the right at home, then did the one on the left at our Pieces of 8 Holiday Sale. When I got home I saw that the two were perfect for a diptych, so I matched them up by adjusting the crest of the wave and the color.

This will be exhibited at the Art & Antique Studio in January, when I will be the featured artist for the month. The opening of the show will be on First Friday, January 4th. The theme is "Highland to Island," with my paintings from the Smoky Mountains as well as my Florida scenes. Hope to see you there!

 - Carmen Beecher


  1. Carmen,They both turned out beautiful! Can't believe you did one at our show, even though I saw you do it. You can paint under pressure! Looking forward to your opening.

  2. Carmen, You are the only one I know that could do this without planning. Amazing!

  3. It's always such a pleasure to watch you paint and the results are always wonderful.