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Friday, July 11, 2014

Rhino: From the Zoo to the Sofa/Wall

By Kathy Garvey 

I'm getting better at combining the things I love! I just finished a project that took an image from one of my favorite activities - a walk through our own local Brevard Zoo - to a print in Photoshop (no secret how much I love Photoshop) to a design printed to fabric at Spoonflower (ditto!) to a potential spot on my sofa (best place in the house for a nap)! Click on any image to enlarge it.
Brevard Zoo has an awesome raised platform for photographing their Rhinos!

This was my first pass at the image in Photoshop - mostly adding texture and colorizing.

When I realized how beautiful the front Rhino was, I extracted him to a background composed of textures
from my sidewalk and then added the word Rhinoceros in other languages found by googling them!

I decided he was handsome enough to print to fabric so I created a file to upload to Spoonflower
that would give me a single large banner and three small pillows when printed to their Linen Cotton Canvas.
Spoonflower did an awesome job! I love their Linen Cotton Canvas.
Here's the completed banner ready to hang and three pillows.
Nap time!
I have made the print available for sale at Spoonflower so if you like it, you can order a yard of this print on Linen Cotton Canvas and create your own pillows and wall hanging. Click here to view the order page.

Note: Shortly after I printed this fabric at Spoonflower, they announced a contest featuring fabric with Rhinos. Since I had just completed this one, I couldn't resist entering and created a second larger print sized for the contest. If you'd like to see some of the other awesome rhino prints the many other designers created, click here. You can vote for as many as you like!

That print is set up for Spoonflower's Kona Cotton and will yield one 21x18 pillow top per fat quarter or four 21x18 pillow tops to a yard.  Click here to view the order page.

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