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Friday, July 11, 2014

New England Scene

I am going to Massachusetts for a visit in a week or so.  One of my goals when I am up there besides visiting family and friends and eating all those local treats is to take lots of photos.  I love going on photo shoots when I am there.  It is a great excuse to just drive around and re-acquaint myself with the ocean, marshes and rugged coast line.
Years ago one of my favorite things to paint was black and white photos.  I loved the old post cards and portraits from the turn of the century that were hand painted.  They had such a wonderful hazy glow to them.  They always looked liked they were someones dream of how a place should look.  I still have a few of the ones I did.  This one is in Rockport, MA.  These cottages overlook the ocean and as we used to say, "Next stop England".
Donna Vines


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