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Sunday, June 1, 2014

Pieces of 8 Members Win Awards

Campo di Fiori by Carol Schiff

Train to Firenze by Carmen Beecher
Carmen and Carol have both won Honorable Mentions in Contemporary Fine Art International (CFAI) Juried Shows. Carol won in the Still Life category in the Winter Juried Show for her artichoke painting, and Carmen won in the Figurative category in the Spring show.

Coincidentally, both subjects were scenes in Italy. It's hard to take three steps without seeing something paint-worthy in that picturesque country.

To check out the beautiful art at CFAI, go to http://www.cfai.co/


  1. Looking at these paintings make me realize just how talented Carol and Carmen are. Our group is so lucky to be together each with our own uniqueness and special gift it is a pleasure for all of us when any one of us is recognized. Congratulations to both Carol and Carmen.

  2. Love both of these! Congratulations on the awards...the art, like the artists, is fabulous.