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Monday, June 2, 2014

Cow Painting, Daily Painting, Small Oil Painting, "Mooooooo" by Carol Schiff

I posted another cow painting lately, which reminded me that I had another cow daily painting that I had never posted.  This small oil painting is on a masonite panel.

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This is a friendly North Carolina cow.  He (she?) was part of a herd that included one calf.  I was surprised to see that as soon as I came up to the field and pulled out my camera, the mother of the calf immediately herded her to the back of the field.  Camera shy......or a helicopter mom?

I like a black frame on this piece....it really helps to pop the painting!



  1. This makes me wonder about the little horns...nice piece, now I am curious as to the sex...? Cow-ology is not my field!

    1. I am no cow expert and have wondered about the horns myself, Cindy. I do remember the cow was very docile and unbull like!

  2. I did some research and found that many female cows have horns. Apparently, only city slickers think that only bulls can grow them :)

  3. I suspected that! Now I am officially NOT a city slicker! Good info and regardless of sex that's a mighty fine cow