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Monday, December 9, 2013

Small Seascape, Palette Knife Painting, "Florida Surf" by Carol Schiff, 6x8" Oil

We had a fantastic 5th Annual Christmas Art Sale over the weekend.  Thanks to all the wonderful people from Melbourne, FL and surrounding area, who stopped by to shop, visit, and enjoy hand made goodies.  We were truly blessed and Santa will be delivering lots of original art under trees this year.  It is so wonderful when your community supports your efforts!

To spread the joy, I have entered a 25% off coupon on my Etsy site for paintings in my "MAKE ME AN OFFER" section.  That's 25% off the already reduced price!  Just enter CHRISTMAS25 on your order for the additional  reduction.  Good only in the "MAKE ME AN OFFER" section.

I love to walk on the beach and I also love to paint the scenes I find there.  So, when I walk, it is always with camera in hand.

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 I almost always start with a brush...but some paintings demand a knife.  This one demanded a knife.  I like the effect as the surf was choppy on this day and the knife helps to depict that.

Do your paintings evolve despite your best intentions?  It may not be the painting I envisioned  when I started but I always enjoy the process and MOST of the time, the results



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