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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Thar She Blows: A Recreation of Moby Dick by Cindy and Carmen

Cindy Michaud and I took on the ultimate challenge this year: the Mystery Build Competition. The whole idea is to make a recreation of a work of art from the objects in a small box. The Mystery Build organizers mailed the 9"x12" box to us, and we had to make our piece from nothing but the items inside, including the box itself if we wanted, plus paint. That's it. So the box contained a small variety of wood blocks and veneers, clay, a piece of rope, a square of canvas, a loose canvas, Elmer's glue and a few other things. We used the box, the packing material, and the instructions.

To see how we did it (there's a video) and (we hope) vote for our entry, click here: Mystery Build. There are a whopping 289 entries, and ours is Number 2 so it's easy to find.

posted by Carmen


  1. It is amazing what two creative people can put together when sent a box of odds and ends. This just makes me smile every time I look at.

  2. Carmen was great fun t work with, I think working together we could do a darn good job solving most any problem!! Creatively stimulating for sure. Thanks Donna for the compliment.