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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Today's Breakfast Painting

Whew!  Nothing fast nor simple about today's breakfast painting...I think I finished it at about 4 pm...still see a few things it needs but hey, it met the daily deadline.  And, truth be known, when I finally declared it done, the peaches did not look as appetizing as they did at 7:30 in the morn.  Good thing I opted to sneak in a little cereal.

The morning light on the deck here is wonderful and makes nice shadows...I remembered to take a photo as there was no way the rising sun was going to sit still for me while I struggled with the colors of the peaches.  This was actually fun to paint once I forgot that they were peaches and just concentrated on (all together now:) "shapes."  Kinda slipped into a trance...

So here's the photo of the day...sans the "extra touches."  Remember, this is all about doing four in a row...since I laid awake last night worried about what I might gather up that qualified as breakfast for today, I have already made my decision for tomorrow: cheesecake!  Not your mamma's breakfast I know but I have a fun piece to paint and maybe if I eat a corner after it is painted it can then qualify as my morning meal.

So enjoy....if tomorrow goes well I might decide to make it five out of five!!  Still haven't done the cereal...
p.s. they are getting bigger: this is 8 x 8


  1. Happy to see you getting in the spirit of blogging, Cindy. It is such a natural for you!

  2. Cindy, this is a gorgeous painting!

  3. Love this one Cindy. I was derailed when David's brother came and we ate "our subject". Your colors are wonderful, keep it up.

  4. thanks, ladies....still working on it!!