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Monday, November 25, 2013

Hoping for good weather for our show!

The weather reports for Thanksgiving on the East Coast are looking grim. I can only pray they are wrong! It's sad to realize how many people's travel plans will be affected. You can't predict the weather when you are making your plans for any event. But we are sure hoping it will be excellent on December 7th from 9 a.m. to  4 p.m. ... especially since it is an outdoor show!

There are lots of bargains to make it a great time for anyone to collect some art. We bring our no longer needed art books and supplies and mark them way down. We do the same for some of our paintings to make room on our walls for what we plan to paint in 2014! We've hand painted almost a dozen beautifully made decorative bird houses and because the talented builder who made them for us is Carmen's generous husband, we are offering them at very reasonable prices, so come early for the best selection!

The preparation is extensive. Making art seems relatively easy to me compared to getting it ready for a sale. I don't have a surface in my house that isn't covered with projects, labels, mats, markers, paintings getting a check up, light switches covered in clay and waiting for packaging, inventory sheets, polymer clay and prints.

A few of my new steampunk light switches - polymer clay with gears!
A few people have requested "rocker" switch plates. There's not a lot of room on them for decoration but I'm giving it a try. Note that the finish is the same as the regular switches above, just these I used a flash and the above are in natural light. All are brushed with metallic powders and have an iridescent protective finish so they change with the light.
Checking out some 10x10 acrylics I have for the sale.
Getting a few of the watercolors (12x9) matted and protected.
9x12 watercolors getting matted and protected.
This is just a wee bit of what I'm getting ready. Between the 8 of us Pieces, there will be many beautiful objects available to make great Christmas gifts or to decorate your own home. So please keep us in your plans for Saturday, December 7th! And even if the weather does not cooperate, we hope you will drop by. What's our backup plan in case of bad weather? Well, we'll crowd everything into Carol's garage, play the Christmas music, eat, drink, be merry, and hope people come anyway! We always have coffee, sodas, delicious cookies and snacks and are looking forward to seeing everyone, rain or shine!

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