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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Special Gifts at the Po8 Holiday Sale

A project for us all!  I never thought I could do this, but I had to try.  That's what it is when you're part of an art group, and I love all the ladies in Po8.  I got the idea when I was reading Peanuts in the comics and
there was a series on the burning down of Snoopy's house.

Come see this and the other birdhouses at the Annual  Po8   Sale, December 7th from 9 - 6 at Carol Schiff' house.

  Sweet Beets

When we were on our retreat in October visiting former member Phillis, she took us to an upscale market.
I saw this beautiful bunch of beets and had to buy them.  Several of us painted them.  Mine is a small watercolor.  After the paint session, I cooked them up.  The peeled and sliced beets were placed on top
of the gently sauteed greens.  They disappeared quickly!  Nothing like really fresh veggies.

The painting will be for sale, as well as others, all reasonably priced.

Mary Warnick

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