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Saturday, November 23, 2013

Concrete collage! An experiment in Poetry by Fay Picardi

Concrete Poetry Collages
An Experiment by Fay Picardi 
One of my favorite classifications of poetry is the concrete poem. Just the name creates a myriad of images in my mind, not the least of which is the concrete city. It's a form that grew popular in the sixties and is awaiting a rebirth. The poem above is one of the poems which most appealed to me because of its innate contradiction and its incongruous subject matter. I decided to exploit the idea by creating a triptych based on different fruits and their predators.
Above are the results of my experiment. On the left in French is a pear (poire) and its predator, the bee (abeille); in the center in Italian are grapes (ova) and their predator, the Italian grape moth (lignoletta della vita); and finally on the right in German is the apple (apfel) infested with its worm (vurm).  In the background of each collage is a repetition of the word for the fruit depicted. Lots of words; lots of fun. Look for this triptych at the Holiday Sale!

                                                                Apfel  by Fay Picardi
                                                                   8x8 paper collage

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