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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

A Timely Idea for Christmas...

I feel so fortunate to have been attending the Annual Unique Boutique in Hollywood, Maryland several years ago and meeting up with Bill and Sue Cassidy. They had a wonderful booth displaying not only gorgeous photographs of birds, butterflies and flowers, but they also sold ceramic tiles featuring their works.  The tiles were  of excellent quality and their photos looked stunning printed to them. We talked and then corresponded and I was excited to find out that Bill and Sue not only sell their tiles through their website but that they are willing and able to print tiles for fellow artists.

Since then, I have ordered many tiles. All arrive with the same detail and color of the originals. Below is a photo of half of my most recent order - two tiles each of five designs.

I've tested them with a steaming tea kettle right off the stove and they truly stand up to the heat. My tiles will be available when the Pieces of 8 hold their yet to be determined annual pre-Christmas sale. But if you are interested in any of the beautiful designs Sue and Bill have on there web site Teachers with Cameras, pay it a visit. Their birds, flowers and butterflies are the work of two truly wonderful photographers/artists. If you want to feature your own designs on their beautiful tiles, click on their link titled "Photo Products" and scroll down for more information. They make wonderful Christmas gifts.

And if you're traveling anywhere near the DC area in November, this years Unique Boutique in Hollywood, MD is on November 10th and 11th. Bill and Sue will be there, as will my very talented sister, bead artist Liz Printz and about 30 other juried artisans.

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