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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Just the Four of Us Having some Fun

The Pieces of 8 were down to just four this past Monday. We still had fun. Mary worked on a very ambitious family portrait in watercolor. Carmen and Denette made quite wonderful and colorful collages. I started an acrylic "tile" for my future blue and yellow kitchen redux.

For our traveling fellows... we miss you! And we're all making plans for our North Carolina retreat in September!  

Altered Book Exhibit at DeGroodt ends soon! 

And if anyone didn't get to the Palm Bay DeGroodt Altered Book exhibition for the month of July, here's a picture of the display. The Pieces of 8 were well represented by myself with a book on Ireland in the upper left corner, Cindy's wonderful little illustrated poetry book on the left on the second shelf from the top, and Fay's exotic Queen Elizabeth - the one with the lovely collar on the right side of the second shelf from the bottom.

Other local artists participating were Alice Ahrens, Kaye Boggs, Witha Lacuesta, Janet McIlvaine, Jeanne Painter Johnson, Paula Steere, Helen Wheatley and Katren Yrekes.

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  1. makes me homesick!! glad to see you are all hard at work.