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Saturday, January 22, 2011


I am having a painting give-away on my Etsy sites.  Every time you purchase a painting from CarolSchiffStudio or my other site, CarolOnEdge, between January 1, 2011 and March 31, 2011 you will win a chance in the drawing.  Now I would like you to think that I will sell several hundred paintings during that time, but the truth is the number will probably be under 25-30.  So your chances would be very good of wining the free 6x8" painting which is a $99. value.  This is my way to thank those of you who support my Etsy sites and original art.  I will announce the winner on April 1st.  No Joke!  Good luck!!

It's just a bunch of carrots, but it  reminds me of one of my favorite meals, Beef Bourguignon. With another cold front on it's way and the possibility of more freezing temperatures, a day at home with a meal simmering in the slow cooker sounds like a win/win situation.  Give it a try!

Purchase here
'Just a Bunch of Carrots'
4x12, oil


2 TBS olive oil
8 slices bacon, diced
4 lbs beef chuck roast cut in small cubes
Pepper 8-10 carrots peeled and sliced diagonally
4 yellow onions sliced
4 large cloves chopped garlic
4 cups red wine
2 cups beef broth
3 TBS tomato paste
1 tsp thyme
1 1/2 lbs sliced fresh mushrooms
1 cup flour

Mix flour with salt and pepper.  Dredge beef cubes, then brown in olive oil.  Put in slow cooker.
Saute bacon, onions, garlic, more salt and pepper until slightly brown. Add to slow cooker.  Add the red wine and enough beef broth to cover.  Add the tomato paste and thyme. Cook on approx 8 hours, until meat is very tender.  During the last hour, saute the mushrooms and add them to the stew.

Delicious smells will permeate your home all day.

I like to serve this with home made mashed potatoes or salad and crusty bread.
Think of me while you are enjoying this.
Carol Schiff

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