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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Collage Time

After many delays I am starting a new collage project.  I have most of the design done but need to do some practice pieces to get the feel of the process itself and see what my larger collage would look like.  It is a lot of preparation but the getting messy part is lots of fun.
I have taken two wonderful workshops with Derek Gores and stumbled upon a very different but equally as wonderful artist, Elizabeth St. Hillaire Nelson.  Her process is completely different and I hope to use a combination of both styles to complete my final collage.  Elizabeth has a great blog www.ElizabethstHilaireNelson.blogspot.com  take a look, I know you will be impressed and love her work.
This is a pear I did to get the feel of working with the glue, paper and the tearing of the paper.  I think it will be an interesting, fun project and hopefully a beautiful one. 

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