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Monday, January 24, 2011

Orange Blossom Photoshop Experiment

In Home Depot a few weeks ago, buying paints to redo a bathroom and, as always, toured the floral department. They had lovely orange trees in bloom and my camera captured a few blossoms. When I had some time to play with Photoshop this week, the blossoms were my first choice. Usually I like to experiment with my favorite filters on the entire image, choose the filtered version I like best and use that to continue whatever I'm going to do with the photo. This time I decided to keep all of the filtered versions and then mask them to each other with different blend modes. So there was a little piece of each showing that I enjoyed just playing with. (For anyone interested, the filters were Graphic Pen, Colored Pencil and Photocopy. The blend modes were Pin Light, Hard Light and Luminosity, although probably not in that order.) One circular masked area was a little dark so I copied a section of the original blossom into it. After lots of other blends and experiments that I decided against, I took the original image, copied it above all my other layers and added a gradient mask to reveal the layers underneath. I've decided it still needs something and plan to go hunting for an orange grove to photograph so I can blend it into the bottom right of this image. Anyone have a picturesque orange grove?


  1. This should be a poster for Harvey's Grove or an orange blossom parfume...tres elegante! I think I can smell them just looking at it.

  2. Gorgeous--and I love the texture in the leaves.