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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Mr & Mrs C Fly Away

I was gaining weight painting all that food so decided to take a break and finish something non-edible.  Under the creative instruction of Fran Hardy I had learned how to prepare this panel to be car-surface smooth with about 100 coats of gesso and acrylic.  It seemed the perfect place to put my cardinal friends.  Somedays the fine detail work of drawing is really very relaxing and I enjoyed working on this devoted bird pair.  After watercolor, acrylic, graphite and a touch of oil I guess it must be labeled multi-media.  Anyway I varnished it and grabbed it on the way out the door to a book signing.

Now here is the stumper: sometimes we artists work for weeks, even months on something that takes every bit of creative energy and emotion we have to give....and it hangs around and hangs around.  Other days we dash off a little something just for the pure fun of it, experimenting and playing with it...and it is sold before it dries.  Not that I am complaining...just wondering.

Anyway, such was the case with "Mr & Mrs C."  I barely put it on the easel before a lovely lady from Blowing Rock shared the story of her backyard cardinals and had to go home with the piece.  Wonderful.  And very good for the ego and back account.  But sometimes I have to think that as every pot has a lid, every painting has an owner...it's just a matter of connecting.  And maybe a matter of having a little more fun while painting and a little less angst!  Go figure.

Cindy Michaud

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