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Saturday, June 19, 2010

CheeeeeseCake ReDo

We are painting food...yummy sweet food and all for an exhibition we will reveal as details get clarified...but trust me, the goods are as delicious as they look and you will be invited to sample them!!

Here's the rehabilitation of my original cheesecake...I had to abandon painting my breakfasts as I soon learned I paint best on a full stomach and the pressure of not eating til I finished was way too much to bear!!  So I am into desserts...which I do not need to consume.  Cheesecake always seems to have a subtle artistic flair to it....rich, creamy, and decorated.  In cheesecake I definitely go for the "less is more" version.  This is 10 x 10, on canvas and available for hanging...or lusting after....or whatever: no calories!!

Enjoy...more about the showing soon!   Cindy
see more at: www.cindymichaud.com


  1. Great job on this Cindy. But, I must say, it does look like you had a few samples along the way!

  2. YEP!!! painting makes me hungry....