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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Happy to be here

Thanks to Carmen we now have a communal blogspot. It is wonderful to be able to post our thoughts, experiences, both good and bad, paintings, art projects and anything else that comes to mind with others who have a curiosity about how others express their creativity.
Some of us, even though we have blogspots, can be pretty technophobic. My challenge is to keep coming back to the computer and putting myself out there. Sometimes it is a reluctance to share what I have been doing or because I don't feel my paintings are ready to be seen. Sometimes it's because my husband is hogging the computer and when I get it I am already tired and cranky and all my patience is gone. So, no more excuses. Even if I have to armwrestle him for it the computer is now part of my life and it's about time.
Donna Vines

To the challenge I know we will rise
no more smiling and rolling our eyes
just some time now and then
to say what were and when
and share the joy in our lives

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