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Monday, July 31, 2017

PO8 Painting Challenge #4 "I Wish I Could"

Oh, I wish I could................

"Oh, I wish I could kayak every day..."

The truth is that anything we have to do everyday soon gets old, but I have this huge painting of my kayak on the river hanging over my "desk" in the studio.  It reminds me of being out with the river splashing over the boat and the wind in my face....so, in a way I DO kayak every day.

                                                       Cindy Michaud, www.cindymichaud.com

I wish I could fly! (So true!)

Poster/card with poem by Kathy Garvey


I wish I could visit with my mother,
have a little chat,
give her a kiss goodbye

Carol Schiff


I wish I could live in this little house all the time.  The weather would be perfect not too hot or cold. The water would always be just beyond the marsh, calm, blue and inviting.  There would be no distractions just a hammock, rocking chair and easel on the porch. There would always be a cool breeze and best of all no bugs!!

Red House


I Wish I Could Play Softball Again
Some of the most fun I've ever had (and good exercise) was playing intramural softball with other military wives in Bermuda and the Azores. The camaraderie was wonderful, and oh, the excitement when we over-30s beat the high school girls! Sometimes it was mother against daughter. The best exercise is that which involves chasing a ball of some kind.


"Oh, I wish I could go for a walk on the beach."
Watercolor  71/2" x 11"

I just finished this little watercolor of a simple wave at the beach. Honestly though, I recently took my dog to the little stretch of beach where they are welcome. She had fun chasing the waves, but when it was time to go, it was not so fun. Sand, and more sand, wet, hairy dog... everywhere! Sand sticking to everything that was transferred to the car! It was 95* in the car, too. Hot, wet, sticky, and sandy! 
I envy (just a little) the folks who can step out of their beachfront condo and just walk a bit, to enjoy the waves, the little sand pipers and the occasional find on the sand... a gift from nature.  Then they rinse off and return to their cool abodes. Simple! 

Jeanie Thomas   ozworks22@cfl.rr.com

                                                  Umbrella Pine        6x8 Collage       Fay Picardi

I wish I could sit on the balcony of La Villa Terrazza and scanning the Bay of Naples from the cliffs of Sorrento, to Mt. Vesuvius, to Baia, the summer home of the Caesars, to Capri. My favorite view in the world, especially when framed by an Umbrella Pine, or pinus penea, dating from the Etruscans, known as the symbol of Italian trees and now endangered. Go to www.cameraetrusca.com for more. 

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