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Saturday, June 3, 2017

Road Trip

This fun little collage was for a challenge we are doing at Pieces of 8.  Every month we have a new challenge, this month it was travel.  I looked at so many photos of places I had been, beautiful scenery, familiar landmarks, places I loved or held great memories.  I could not decide what to paint so I thought what says travel better than Road Trip!!! 
I thought back to the days when travel was really an adventure.  You took photos that were so meaningful because you had to have them developed.  You bought stickers for your car and luggage so everyone would know where you had been, that you were an adventurer, a traveler.  I used these old travel stickers to show some of the places you might have been on a road trip.  To set  the mood I added a cut out I made of a Xeroxed road map of an old fashioned car and trailer.
I used a 6x12 board because I wanted the mood to be open road.

Road Trip


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