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Monday, March 30, 2015

Rainier Meadow, 10x8 Landscape Oil Painting, Pacific Northwest, by Carmen Beecher

The Pacific Northwest is so beautiful, and so different from my home state of Florida, which is flat as a flitter and doesn't have gigantic trees. Our country has as diverse a landscape as could be imagined, and it's one of the things I love about it. Being in this meadow made me want to burst into the opening song in Sound of Music, but I don't like to embarrass my husband.


Sunday, March 29, 2015

Daily Painting, Floral Art, Small Oil Painting, Sunflower Painting, "SunnyFlowers" by Carol Schiff, 6x8" Oil

Don't you just love sun flowers?  What could be unlikable about a giant flower, one you have to look up to?  Sunny, bright and full of energy with their big brown eyes and bobbing heads....they always make me happy.

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 I wanted to do  a tribute to them, something free and full of movement.  I worked with my palette knife and tried to pop the color.  I left plenty of texture because I want this painting to be touched.

I enjoy my work in simple black frames.  A black frame is always complimentary, it showcases the painting so well.

Thanks for viewing my art today.


Friday, March 27, 2015

PIe in the eye day

Yesterday was Fay's birthday and she treated us all to pie and coffee at the Sweetie Pie bake shop before group.  When you start the day with pie you know it is going to be a good one.
It was Carmen's turn to lead us into something new and a good exercise it was.  It really gets your thought process flowing and forces you  to see things so they are not how you perceive them.  We all brought drawing materials, sketch pads, some photos and something to measure with.  After  you decided what you wanted to draw you turned the photo upside down and drew that way.  You couldn't just sketch either, you had to measure things in relation to each other.  By turning the photo upside down and eye is not an eye but a shape.
Donna Vines

Denette is into it

Mary's finished drawing

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Daily Painting, Small OIl Painting, Nest Painting, "Nesting" by Carol Schiff, 12x12x1.5" Oil

This small oil painting is an attempt to paint a new subject for me.  I have been inspired by the nest paintings of Julie Oliver Ford.......actually by all her paintings.  Julie does stunning nests in oils and watercolors.  When an opportunity presented it's self to me, I decided to give it a try.

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 Unlike Julie, I used a palette knife to achieve the nest effect.

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Monday, March 23, 2015


It is nearly the end of March which means spring will soon be here.  To us living in Florida spring usually means mild to warm, we are soooo spoiled.  To most of my family and friends up north it means maybe trading the down jacket for the quilted one.  No matter what kind of spring you have your thought turn to budding trees, warm winds and of course flowers.  Here is a bouquet I painted using oils on a small panel.
Donna Vines

Friday, March 20, 2015

Snuggled Palms, 8x6 Original Oil Landscape Painting by Carmen Beecher

These palms were all by themselves by the water, but they look like they are getting along well. Reflections are such a challenge, especially in still water. My brain just doesn't work right when painting reflections. I seem to be on a landscape binge, and it's all because of studying the work of Mark Boedges and Clyde Aspevig. I just can't get enough.


Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Road to Sedona, 10x8 Desert Landscape by Carmen Beecher

We were driving to Sedona, Arizona with great anticipation, knowing we were going to one of the most beautiful spots in our country. We could see the storm clouds ahead, ready to give the desert some relief from thirst. We avoided the rain, and Sedona did not disappoint. It's gorgeous.