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Friday, June 30, 2017

Pieces of Eight Painting Challenge #3 "Summer Celebration"

How do you celebrate summer?  Traveling?  Hamburger/Hot dog grilled dinners?  Fireworks?  A day at the beach?


Nothing says summer in Florida like surfing.  As hot as it gets you can still be pretty "cool" riding the waves.  This is my granddaughter Stephie learning to surf several years ago.

5x7 Oil
Donna Vines


For me, nothing says summer like a nice dip in the pool! Ready, set, go!

"Ready for Summer"
Digital Image (Illustrator to Photoshop)
Kathy Garvey

Carol Schiff

"Mountain View"

In the summer, we head for the mountains, in an effort to escape the heat and humidity of Florida.  10 hours on I-95 and we exit to a different world.  Cool breezes and beauty abound.

6x8" Oil on Panel


Carmen Beecher
11x14 Collage on Panel

Purchase on Etsy

 This is my idea of summer, cooling off with two of my favorite things. I had not done a collage in a long time, so I really enjoyed doing this. Thanks to Fay Picardi for the magazine pages with those beautiful pinks. This is made entirely of torn magazines. 

Wild at Heart
oil, 7 x 5, $150
by Cindy Michaud - art@cindymichaud.com

Summer is all about being outdoors and finding wonderful surprises in the woods...like daisies that seem to pop up on their own.  This is where I'd open my picnic and rest a while; remembering how it felt when the days were long and we were children...wild at heart.

  After Georgia O'Keefe's
 Sunflower, New Mexico I, 1935
Fay Picardi

         In the past, I have done several paintings copying Georgia O'Keefe's sunflowers. This one brings back one of my favorite memories. I did it in a small cottage overlooking Lake Champlain where John and I were spending a month one summer. It is an acrylic painting done on watercolor paper. It is 22"x 30." Every time I look at it, I just smile. Thank you. Georgia. Next time, I will try a collage.

"Blue Pearl"
Oil on Canvas, 30" x 40"
by Jean Thomas

Nothing says summertime like being out in the boat on a gorgeous day, in the Keys.
I took some friends out off Marvin Key on a day when you couldn't tell the water from the sky. It was just that pretty, and calm. This is my friend Ann. Ann is always looking up, and ahead. The beginning of summer has that same feeling.... what's up, what's next!? 

Summer is a time to celebrate the ocean and sailing.  Wouldn't it be fun to be on a clipper ship sailing the seven seas?

  Mary Warnick.

Clipper Ship

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