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Monday, May 1, 2017

Something New! Pieces of Eight Monthly Challenge #1 - IMAGINE

Our group has been together for many years, and like so many things, we have fallen into a rut!  So we have decided to bring some new energy to our days together.

We will be posting a monthly challenge the first week of every month.  Today is the first posting.

Our challenge is to create from the word "Imagine," and here are our results

Carol Schiff

Imagine there's no heaven
It's easy if you try
No hell below us
Above us only sky

John Lennon

8x10" Oil


Cindy Michaud

Imagine it is Spring
Wow....just not too happy about snow now....why not January?!

16x20" Oil


Kathy Garvey

 Bird on Briar

"I like to paint little birds, but not totally realistic ones. I like to imagine what they would look like with decorative wings and designer feathers."

Donna Vines

Imagine if you had a learning tree in your yard.  Anything you were curious about, anything you wanted to know you could just go out, sit under the tree, close your eyes and you would know all about it.  The tree is really a connecting road all knowledge.  It starts at the tree but the roots bring all knowledge to all things.  I am always fascinated by how all things are connected, interconnected then connected yet again.
I thought it would be fun to imagine this as a collage.  After all it is paper and paper comes from trees as do pages which are always turning, leading us on to new things.


Fay Picardi



My daughter ask me to do a collage of how I imagined God would look. I gathered all of my favorite photos, most taken by me. I included pictures of my daughters and grandchildren, along with a few images from other sources. Then, I set to work cutting and gluing. I surrounded the canvas with my favorite definition of God from I Corinthians 13: 4-8. For me, this image is as true as I can create.

Jean Thomas


When I first saw the property on the Indian river that eventually became ours, one of the first things I noticed was hundreds of dragonflies zipping around above me. I thought, "this place is magical." And it was. 
I see these guys frequently, They land on the papyrus in our pond. My favorites are the magenta ones. Often I imagine, "what would it be like to be a dragonfly for a day?!"

What it would be like
to be a dragonfly
and soar to great heights!
To watch birds flying below,
and catch dinner on the go.

Carmen Beecher


When Carol challenged us with the theme “Imagine,” I immediately thought of dragons. I have long wondered why dragons abound in historic art and literature of so many nations on Earth, yet we have no archaeological evidence that they ever existed. Why would the same mythic creature appear in Sumeria, China, Greece, and practically every other exotic place you can think of? From Chinese dragons to St. George and the dragon, how did the same fantasy reptiles appear on opposite sides the the world, in cultures that didn’t know each other? Of course, the fact that the creatures are mythical makes them easier to paint because you are only limited by your imagination.

Besides my dragon question, I have also wondered this: If there are aliens on other planets, do they have their own fictitious superheroes?

Or maybe dragons?


Mary Warnick


As we find travel difficult these days, we imagine ourselves at places we once enjoyed.  We can remember happy trips to the Keys and pretend we are there once again.

This painting is of my daughter at Key West.

We hope you have enjoyed this post.  We always feel it is exciting to see how other interpret an idea.

We welcome your ideas of topics for future posts in comments below.

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  1. This was such a fun challenge. It is so interesting how everyone's mind goes to such different places which is what makes it so much fun to see what everyone is going to come up with. Looking forward to the next one!!