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Friday, May 12, 2017

No Place to Hang Art??

I'm traveling this week in Marrakech, Morocco.
There is no doubt in my mind that I will be tempted
to bring back art in a variety of forms.  I've had to get creative
lately in finding new places to hang my acquisitions
so I thought I would share some ideas which
might help you open up new spots.

The most common reason (or excuse) I hear for not buying new art is the lack of wall space.  Oh come on, do you rotate your pieces (yes, it demands storage room but art can slide under the bed)?  Do you give away pieces you have grown tired of (or out grown)?  Have you tried to find new and innovative places for art?

I am never insulted when someone "confesses" they have hung my work in their bathroom...or the laundry room.  In my life those are two of the most visited rooms and I love gazing upon something beautiful while I "do my business." 

Here is my guest bath, look in the mirror and you will see
a collaged pair of birds by Carmen Beecher in addition to the sculpture by Lisa Joerling
 and the Virginia Greene fiber art; not seen is the painting on opposite wall

That room also has a 3D piece over the toilet as well as one in front of it and two paintings on the wall just over the tissue.  I packed a lot of art into a tiny room...and I love going in to view it all.

I've got art in all the normal places of a bedroom but found I could squeeze in a tiny piece by Margaret Dyer between my bed and lamp table.  It's the last thing I see when turning out the light.

Now how adorable is your closet?  Mine is not huge but I love the explosion of color and art I get
by giving it a little extra attention:

a painting of mine, a framed saying, a pottery earring holder, a felted hat
and a way to hang up colorful beads and necklaces

We even believe in art on our porch.  Weather exposed areas demand special attention but notice two original pieces here, the quilt square  by Heidi Fisher and the bird house.  The opposing wall holds some really cool iron work we picked up which just gets a better patina with age.

And don't forget the motor home if you have one.  Shouldn't it be just as personal and art-filled as your land base? Here's a peek into our Airstream:

over the radio by Lisa MacDonald Pottery,
 (I regret not having current photos of the lovely wall hangings by Virginia Green 
as well as a cool painting by Cheri Glover )

And don't forget your yard and garden...plenty of space for original creations to hang and breathe.  This great sculpture by Paul Glover greets me every day after work and never fails to give me a grin.

Have I mentioned the interior walls of garages?  the storage room or tool shed?  door panels?  kitchen cabinets or refrigerator walls?  And while I would gladly hang my collected pieces floor to ceiling, my husband doesn't share that esthetic, so believe me, we haven't even begun to reach "crowded" status.

Look around.  Pay attention to where your eyes light when you are in different places and spaces of your environment.  Do you see something beautiful and creative?  Why not?

So be careful, the next person who points out something in my studio that they would buy "if they only had wall space" might get a home visit from yours truly carrying a hammer, a nail AND the art.

Back soon...looking forward to sharing my treasures...and maybe where I put them!

Hanging Colorfully,


  1. Great post Cindy, it reminds us that art is everywhere and belongs everywhere. It is wonderful to surround yourself with beautiful things, big and small.

  2. Thanks Donna, I love to have art everywhere....nooks and crannies, and unexpected places.