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Sunday, December 21, 2014

Reflections of a workshop

The end of the year is looming fast and we are all busy, busy, busy with family and commitments this time of year.  Part of a yearly tradition at my house is the photo calendar.  Every year I give my husband and children a calender with a photo for each month.  Some years it is easier than other to get everyone in so it takes a lot of looking to come up with the those wonderful calendar worthy pictures. 
As I was browsing I came across the photos Carol and I had taken at the Elio Comacho workshop we attended in November. Browsing those photos I could have printed a decades worth of calendars. Not only was the workshop wonderful but so was the scenery.  Here are a few standouts.
Donna Vines

just part of the scenery

After a long day 

Elio's wonderful palette

One of the set ups


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