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Saturday, August 9, 2014

Yellow Plumerias, 10x10 Original OIl Painting on Stretched Canvas by Carmen Beecher

I decided to get all realistic with this one. Plumerias, otherwise known as frangipani, grow prolifically in Bermuda, where I used to live. They are used in weddings and even on wedding cakes. In Hawaii they are used to make those beautiful leis. If you plant a seed from a tree it will result in a surprise flower, different from the tree that gave you the seed. A seed from my pink plumeria tree produced a tree with white flowers edged in pink, much prettier than the mother tree's flowers. 

You can cut a piece of branch from a plumeria, stick it in the garage all winter, plant it in spring, and it will grow. It's a wonder to me that we don't have plumeria forests. The only drawback is that they lose their leaves in winter and some people don't like that. To me they just become an interesting abstract design. 


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