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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Monday, Monday

I look so forward to Monday's when I'm in town because I get to meet with the rest of the Pieces of 8 - provided they are also in town. I don't think any of us realized our senior years would be so much busier (at least travel wise) than our junior years!

This Monday it was just Carmen, Mary and I again. But soon we were joined by Fay for a short while and at lunch we got a visit from Donna. We'll take what we can get!  Here's a few pictures from the day!

Mary, Carmen and Fay enjoying our time at the Guild

Carmen painting some bougainvillea from her Mexico trip

Fay doing some warm up exercises!

I watercolored in one of my bird drawings

Mary is continuing a large fractured watercolor of beautiful leaves

 I snapped a picture of the very talented Bill McCoy painting a still life in a far off space. No, he's not a member of the Pieces of 8, but he is an inspiration and the current Guild president who is often there on Mondays!

May you all be blessed with wonderful inspiring friends and a fantastic place to meet.

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