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Friday, November 1, 2013

Rainy Day in Georgia

by Kathy Garvey
Sadly, we are leaving Phillis and Georgia tomorrow. It's been a great retreat.

Yesterday we spent the morning on a large pontoon boat touring around Lake Oconee. Below is a view of one of the more spectacular houses around the lake.

We spent the afternoon painting and journaling. Below is Carmen catching up on her journal.
 Denette is painting a set up of fresh peppers from the market. Mary is uploading her photos.
 Below is a beautiful page from Phillis' journal. (The Pieces of 8 journaling was inspired by Diana Gessler.)

Since it was Halloween in a retirement community, we decided to stay in and watch "The Gods Must be Crazy" on You Tube. What an odd, fun, beautiful movie. At one point in the evening we were visited by Captain America, aka Phillis' husband Jerry!
 Today we toured houses, lunched on fried green tomatoes and buttermilk pie, painted, poured, journaled, ate some more, and packed our things.
Below, Carmen and Phillis are experimenting with poured acrylic painting. 
 Below, one of Carmen's newly poured pieces.
Goodbye, Georgia and Phillis!

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  1. What great photos to end a wonderful trip for you all. love it.