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Sunday, November 17, 2013

Please: SIT ON MY ART!

I love to paint...but I also have a tendency to chase shiny objects!  These distractions are great fun while I am working out the solutions to more "serious" work.  Now my husband will remember 2012 as the year of glass flowers.  They were everywhere!  But he thinks 2013 is shaping up to be the year of the chair.  And while this abundance of chairs has been great fun for me, HE is ready to see some of them march out the door....sooner than later.

These works of art are ready for new homes...a little corner that needs some brightening or maybe beside a door to hold all the items you need to remember to take with you.  For years I had a special brightly painted chair in the bath to hold towels etc.  If you find your walls full of art, chairs is another way to bring more in.

These will all be available at our annual Holiday Sale and Show on December 7 at Carol Schiff's home.  I hate to admit that I have more underway so please do my husband and me a favor and drop by to see if any will work in your home.  And I didn't forget the kids or grandchildren, here's a look-see on a tot sized table for a playroom.  It's ready for crafts or games and it needs a new home!

We'll be ready for business between 9 am and 4 pm so come visit us by printing the map here:
If I can find new homes for the chairs and the table (hint: I'll be easy to bargain with around 3 pm) then my husband may take me out to dinner!  We will all be happy.....and I can dream up a new shiny object to chase NEXT year.

See you at the sale,
Cindy Michaud

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