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Wednesday, November 13, 2013


I am happy to announce that my work has been licensed and reproduced by All My Walls Inc., a manufacturer of metal wall decor.  I had no idea how they would use my images as they didn't seem to fit in with the rest of their products.  After many months, they finally sent me images of the finished products.  I am posting just a few samples for you.

The holidays are around the corner and we  have been getting inquires about our ANNUAL PIECES OF EIGHT ART SALE.  For all of you in the area, our sale is scheduled for the first Saturday in December.  We have lots of new art and, as always, something special that we have been working on.  So SAVE THE DATE and watch for updates in the next few weeks.


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  1. Congratulations Carol. I think your artwork looks great on the metal. It has so much color and depth and really shows through on these larger pieces. I think the warmth of your color and style enhances the coldness of the metal. You go girl!!