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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Georgia on our Mind

Five of the Pieces of 8 are on our annual painting retreat. This year we are spending it near beautiful Greensboro, Georgia at the home of our former and now honorary member, Phillis Holland. Wow, is it gorgeous here! The weather has been sunny and breezy, the leaves are just starting to turn colors. We're surrounded by the amazing Lake Oconee.

Today we had the privilege to paint at the Ritz-Carlton. We arrived around 10 in the morning, spread out and all painted til lunch time. Then we spread out again and painted until we left at 4:00. The property is lovely and the staff superior. I can only imagine how much fun it would be to actually stay at the Ritz. Below are some pictures from the day. It was a great way to spend it.

This place is big!
 ..and beautiful
Cindy is just back from plein air painting in Italy so she had everything in her backpack and was set up in minutes!

 Mary disappeared from view and returned very shortly with a completed watercolor painted by the lake.
 Phillis started her journal.
 Another view of the lake
 They had some stunning late blooming azaleas that attracted the butterflies. (The many flowers - camelias, asters, pansies, roses and azaleas- gave me something to work with since I don't do landscapes.)
 Denette painting by the lake.
We are having an awesome time and only wish we could have Carol, Donna and Fay here to enjoy it with us.


  1. oh I am so jealous and I do wish we were there too!!! miss you all.

  2. Looks like another fabulous PO8 retreat!