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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

WILD AND WACKY WEDNESDAY AT Carol Schiff Studio, 6x8" Oil

It is Wednesday again!  How do the weeks fly by so quickly?  Time to post another painting on sale.

Purchase Here
$55 + shipping

I love the unique shapes of barns, especially old ones, and there are lots of them in western North Carolina.
My husband was nice enough to drive me around the outskirts of Waynesville, NC ,  stopping so I could jump out and take photos of the interesting barns we would find.  When I returned home to Florida, I had enough barn photos to keep me busy through out the winter.

This one is painted primarily with a palette knife.  It has always been a favorite because of the strong values.

Originally listed at $95.95, it is already a bargin at $65.00.  But this is Wild and Wacky Wednesday, so if you purchase this painting today I WILL SEND YOU A $10.00 REFUND!  Offer good only until midnight Aug. 27, 2013.  To receive your $10.00 refund, you must state on the order WILD AND WACKY WEDNESDAY.


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