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Friday, August 2, 2013

Art to sit upon....

For some reason I have always loved chairs....I think it's because they remind me 
of people!  Each one seems to have its own personality. And whether it is all wood, 
metal, upholstered or a mix, I think they each have a  character and style all their 
own.  Some are comfy for relaxing, some are for sitting up straight, some help you 
work and others rock the baby to sleep.  I know that at any given time I have a wide 
variety of chairs and I can't seem to stop collecting them!

So I was thrilled when the Pieces decided that our bonus art this season would be 
to offer upcycled birdhouses, boxes, frames, plant stands and....chairs! We are 
having a great time playing around with paint that is not put on a canvas....
using color in unexpected places and creating some one of a kind pieces you are 
going to want to own.

Here's my most recent rehab project:
A sturdy oak chair that was probably in a classroom, it still had "good bones" despite a poor coat of white paint. I sanded, taped, got out some chalk paint and went to town with some favorite colors. At one point I thought of adding more (and more and more) but the word "enough" came to me and I decided to stop. I christened the chair and then waxed it and buffed it to a soft shine. There are a lot of ways the word can mean something...it happens to be the theme of a great book I am reading by Brene Brown. But it may mean something altogether different for you. If I can part with this child, I mean chair, it will be in our annual holiday sale the first Saturday in December. Stay tuned for more I formation! by Cindy Michaud

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