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Monday, February 18, 2013

Fine Chocolate Promotes a Piece of 8!

The makers of Bensons Fine Chocolates contacted our own Carol Schiff to produce the beautiful paintings on three of their products: Strawberry, Cherry & Blueberry Bites, Green Apple and Tart Lemon Bites, and Strawberry, Orange and Banana Bites. The packaging looks awesome (as in mouth wateringly good) and there's a link to Carol's web site on the back.  (Click here to visit Carol's web site at http://carolschiffstudio.blogspot.com/.)

Now, if we could only get our hands on some I'm sure we could tell you they are as delicious as the packaging, but.... they only sell them on the West Coast. If you're visiting California, keep your eyes out for them. Congratulations, Carol!


  1. Now you are a commercial artist as well as a fine artist. The packages look great!