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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

More Collage Demo

Femme Fatale
As Donna said, we both talked about collage at the Cape Canaveral Pen Women meeting. There are so many kinds of collage, and I was taught by Derek Gores, so it's very different from Donna's style. Her way has no rules, and mine has Derek's rules. In actuality, it can be anything the artist wants to do, but certain things I learned from Derek stuck, and I like the effect I get. For instance, he says, "Don't use the thing for the thing." Don't use a picture of lips for the lips, for example. 

Below is a partially completed collage of a tree frog that I used to show the process. I sketch my subject then draw over it with a Sharpie so that I don't lose my drawing while slapping paper and glue around. One thing I like is the fact that the paper wrinkles don't matter. I like anything in which wrinkles don't matter. In fact, they add interest and character. Learn to love the wrinkles. 
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  1. Great info, Carmen and Donna. I would love to try my hand at collage. One of these days!