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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Three Pieces Have Fun at Diana Gessler's Workshop

Yesterday, myself, Carmen and Cindy had the joy of attending a wonderful journaling workshop in Cocoa Village conducted by the very talented teacher and artist, Diana Gessler.  Diana starts out by reminding everyone that this is a no stress class - and that's the truth. She has a lovely even pace but keeps the ideas and inspiration flowing. Her motto is summed up by the statement on her gift bags: "You are here for the joy and delight of your soul." 

We spent the morning at Murdock's on their outdoor porch learning how to create borders, and fun text and how to observe and capture our surroundings with Diana's well practiced techniques.  Below, Cindy, who also attended Diana's Melbourne Beach journaling workshop, paints some borders.

We enjoyed a wonderful lunch and all did quick sketches of our top notch server, Nicole.She was a good sport and signed all our sketchbooks. (Nicole is also an artist - a 2005 graduate of the Miami New World School for the Arts.)

After lunch we wandered past Cara Mia, into the Porcher House, and spent some time sketching in and around the riverfront park. The day was finalized in Carolyn Seiler's beautiful gallery passing around everyone's journals for the day and signing them. (For more about Carolyn's gallery in Cocoa Village, click here: Carolyn Seiler and Friends.)

I'm pasting pictures of the day here and challenging Carmen and Cindy to send me pictures of their spreads so I can post all of them for everyone. Below, Diana (in pink hat) heads us out of the Porcher House.

For information about Diana or to talk with her about setting up a journaling class for your group, she can be contacted by clicking here: Diana's web site.

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