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Saturday, November 10, 2012

Sketchbook Pages from Diana Gessler Journaling Class

I promised a view of our sketchbooks from Diana Gessler's fun Journaling Class and here it is. I put all of the pages together. I'm hoping that if you click on it, you can see more detail.

Diana gives directions in how she interprets the things around her when she's journaling. They're very specific in class but only as a guide to help you see what's around you and condense the information in a way that's fun and relaxing but keeps it all fresh for you. Below is a closer view of how each of us interpreted her view of Spanish Moss -- first from afar, then close up, then summing up the history of its name in a few words. For fun and interest she suggests adding borders and teaches how she draws a bee for her sketchbooks.
For more about Diana and her workshops, click on this link: Diana Gessler Workshops.


  1. It seems like you all had such a good experience and a wonderful time at the workshop. I love the pages you have already done and since you are all talented sketchers, will put all you learned to good use.

  2. Twas a lot of fun...very liberating believe it or not!!