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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Every summer our grand girls come from Colorado to visit us in Florida.  Our days are filled with sunshine and joy as we journey from our home to the beach to the pool and anywhere else they might want to venture.  We love to build sand castles, chase the waves and go for long walks.  We always took our children to the beach during the summer and one of their favorite things to do was build a really large sand castle then watch as the tide would come back in and take the castle back out to sea.  We would stand or sit around and guess which part of the castle would fall first.  Of course our castles all had moats that will fill up with the incoming tide then merge again with the ocean. It is a joy to continue this tradition with our grand girls.  Do you have traditions that have been passed down to your children and now perhaps to your grandchildren?  I hope so!  I painted this 8"X10" oil on canvas from a photo that I took this summer while our girls were playing on the beach.  Their father has claimed it.  I believe it must remind him of his childhood days on the beach.  The only thing better than memories is making new memories.
Phillis Holland

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