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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Hello Kitty

My brother-in-law is a cat lover. He has owned cats as long as I can remember and gets very attached to them. Several years ago he lost Calliope and vowed that was it, until now. He recently "adopted" 2 cats, brothers, that he helped place several years ago. Their owners were moving to New Mexico and did not want to take the them so after careful thought Michael decided to adopt Rocky and Rambo. He is a happy man.
I was visiting and decided to take some photos of my new nephews and although Rocky is the king of all he surveys, Rambo is more elusive and not so interested in being the center of interest. I loved this photo of Rocky doing his catly duty of guarding Michael's shoes and socks, a task I am told he takes very seriously. I don't ususally paint animals but I really wanted to try a Rocky portrait. Here is a photo of the picture I took next to the painting. As you can see I took one of the socks out so it had more contrast. I hope the boys like it.
Donna Vines

1 comment:

  1. Very clever, Donna! I love the finished result as I am sure Michael will.