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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Day 1 of Qiang-Huang Workshop

Today, I stopped into the Guild to take photos of the first day of the Qiang-Huang Workshop. Qiang is an amazing oil painter and this is his second workshop held in Melbourne. If you are not familiar with Qiang and his work, stop by his thoughtful, updated almost daily, enlightening blog at Qiang-Huang.blogspot.com.

Since many of the Pieces of 8 are oil painters and followers of Qiang we are well represented at the workshop by Mary Warnick, Dennette Schweikert, Carmen Beecher, Phillis Holland and Cindy Michaud. And for that reason, I'm hoping to capture pictures of each of the three days.

Here are some of the photos from today, starting with Qiang's beautiful setup and the demonstration piece he completed in the morning hours.

Below are just some wide shots of the Guild which really is an amazing place when you fill it with such wonderful artists. I'm not only in awe of Qiang and his demo, but of all of his students and their paintings from today.

I hope to capture more tomorrow.

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  1. Great shots Kathy. Everyone looks so into their painting. The set up is very interesting too. Keep us posted.