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Sunday, January 1, 2012


This is a painting of my grandpuppy, Sophie. Sophie is our daughter, April's German Shepard. April and Sophie came to live with us for six months while April's husband is in Afghanistan. April asked if I would do a portrait of Sophie for her. Since this would be my first portrait ever, I asked my painting instructor, Lisa Mistuik if she thought that I could do it. Being the great teacher that she is, she was very encouraging. So one afternoon while we were on a river cruise in our boat, I took along the camera and made lots of pictures of Sophie in the bow of the boat. This is the portrait that I painted from the photo that April liked best. The Indian River close to where we live is in the background. I am pleased with the painting and hope it will be a reminder to April of the special times we had while she and Sophie were with us.

Phillis Holland

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