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Friday, September 16, 2011

Print your Art to Fabric

I'm down in the Everglades photographing snails again. I love their patterns. I wanted to spread the word about putting your designs to fabric. It's so easy now that we have spoonflower.com available to artists everywhere.

Being able to print your designs to fabric quickly is very exciting. Two weeks ago I uploaded the Illustrator image shown above to spoonflower.com. It shows three of my snails and the patterns inspired by them. Less than 9 days later, the fabric arrived and I cut it apart and finished the edges. They only had a voile that was the right weight for scarves when I ordered. But, when the package arrived, it had a sample of their new cotton silk I'll try next.

I love Spoonflower.com and the possibilities it opens up for artists. If you haven't visited, check it out. It's easy as pie to have your designs printed to quilting cotton, voile, cotton silk, and more.


  1. Such fun, Kathy. I have been thinking of trying spoonflower. The scarves are gorgeous!

  2. Kathy - these are fabulous. I want to be your first customer!! Holiday shopping made easy. love, love, love them!