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Monday, August 29, 2011


This is the second in my series of travel cards from places that I have traveled. I created this painting from a photograph that I took in Hope Town in the Abacos which are part of the Bahama Chain. Hope Town is on Elbow Key and is one of my favorite places to vacation. We will be going for our third time in May. We love to stay in the Hope Town Villas which sit right on the entrance to Hope Town Marina. From our front porch we can watch all the boats coming into and leaving from the Marina. In Hope Town the school children ride the ferry to school each day. It is really fun to watch the ferry go by loaded with school children all dressed in their school uniforms. We usually rent a boat for the time that we are in Hope Town and boat to many of the other islands close by. The water and all of the islands are so beautiful. Each is very different from the other. Hope Town is our favorite because it is a really cute little town complete with small shops, a grocery store and bakery, post office and coffee shop. We always meet such interesting people in the coffee shope and the grocery store. Vernon who owns Vernon's grocery is a real character and a real gentelman. They have the most wonderful home made bread and pies. If you are there early enough you can get one of their famous Key Lime pies. There are also lots of great places to eat. There is nothing as wonderful as fresh coconut conch eaten overlooking Hope Town Marina. The town is also composed of beautiful little homes painted in bright Caribbean colors. The street that the little cottage in this painting sits on is really named Lover's Lane. I cannot help but steel a kiss from by hubby as we pass by.

Big Smiles!


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  1. I love Hopetown too. So calm and peaceful, and beauty everywhere. A lovely post, Phillis.